The Story So Far

The [Wine] Dispatch was inspired by French Dispatch, a Wes Anderson film, and by the writers for the New Yorker on whom the film was based.

This blog is a product of too many hours with my nose buried in wine books, too much money spent on obscure bottles, too many days looking at screens, and not enough time experiencing the nuanced world of wine. 

More importantly, it is to give the everyday person a deep, intimate glimpse into the unique world of wine in an informative and irreverent manner. That desire to share comes from the deep desire to explore new places and create new experiences to share through the medium that is vino. 

It is not to demystify, simplify, [or stupify], but to explore the nuances of every aspect.

No story is off-limits or out of scope. 


Simone Popov


I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hours.”

-Hunter S Thompson

C’est moi