The Dispatch Wine focus: España

Wines of the Heart [Vol.5]: Tenerife

A selection of incredible, delicious, red, white, and sparkling wine from the subtropical Spanish island of Tenerife.

Sep 19 · 6 min read >

A Vermut Daze; Day Drinking in Barcelona

Something has always felt therapeutic about grabbing a drink ,solo, at a bar while the sun is up. The...

Jul 29 · 6 min read >

Discovering Lanzarote: An Alien Volcanic Wonderland

On today's exploratory journey, join guest author Zach Wright in discovering the vines and wines of Lanzarote, an...

Jul 6 · 6 min read >

Bernat Voraviu and the Ancient Vines of Forgotten Spain  

Bernat Voraviu is one of the most restless and hard-working people in wine. His countless endeavors and projects include...

May 20 · 7 min read >